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September 3, 2013

Emerged on the local music board after the parody of Faraz Anwar’s version of Dil Dil Pakistan; Jarar grabbed the attention of many by his first original flick with Ufone Uth Records with his song Bewafa. His debut music video Jaag was nominated as Song of the Year in Lux Style awards and his contribution […]

5 Minutes with Jarar Malik [Interview]

We sat down with Jarar Malik who recently performed a session for Ufone Uth Records 2.0 and talked about his work, experience with Ufone Uth Records and possible future endeavors. 1. How did you begin? How do you define your sound? As a kid living in the United States, I would see everyone from Michael […]

AAG – Bewafa (Imran Khan Cover)

AAG – Bewafa (Download Audio) Band: Aag Song: Bewafa (Imran Khan Cover) Download Now! AAG was approached by BBC Radio with a challenge to cover a DESI song of their own choice in their own way! This was the outcome! Original: [BEWAFA by IMRAN KHAN] Produced at E.A.R (Ebullition Art Recordings) by Usman Sheikh & […]