Swaras finally said yes to Bollywood

December 30, 2013

Every band in the world claims to be “different” but Swaras certainly is, they are always about the quality while paying attention to the details and never in a rush to release their work. So far every single of theirs is very experimental in nature especially when it comes to the aspect of world fusion.

Swaras feat. Abbas Premjee – Thora Thora

Swaras feat. Abbas Premjee - Thora Thora

Folks, after a long hiatus Swaras is back with a new music video of ‘Thora Thora’ featuring Abbas Premjee. It is a beautiful ghazal by Shamil Shams student of the legendary poet Jaun Elia. Introducing Raheel Khan and Shobna Sharma in lead roles, so without further adieu may I present you with ‘Thora Thora’.

Swaras working with Glen Drover of Megadeth on their new track

June 14, 2011

Swaras (“The seven notes of the scale (swaras)” in English) is a semi classical pop/rock Pakistani band from Toronto. Emerging from the genre of “World Fusion”, Swaras‘ music is not just an amalgamation of the Classical Eastern and Rocking Western harmonies but also a synthesis of the world melodies like African Conga drums, Italian Violin, […]