Ali Zafar Injured himself in Bangkok

October 12, 2013
Ali Zafar

At a shoot in Bangkok for one of multinational brands, Ali Zafar cut his face and was rushed to the hospital. According to a source, Ali’s stunt double who arrived was hired according to Ali’s older clean cut lean look which didn’t go with his current long haired French beard buffed up action look he […]

Ali Zafar fans coin a new term ‘AZIANS’

September 2, 2013

Ali Zafar has very passionate fans all over the world and especially in the subcontinent; they are crazy about his acting and songs. In the past they have requested songs on twitter late at night for him to sing and compared him to Flynn Rider, the Disney hero of Tangled. However that is nothing as […]

Ali Zafar attends Anwar Maqsood’s Sawa 14 August

August 30, 2013

Ali Zafar supports the revival of local theaters and culture. We all already know that being a versatile actor/singer Ali Zafar is an artistic mastermind, but as much as the actor enjoys performing he also enjoys watching other brilliant plays and actors. Recently he went to watch ‘Sawa 14 August‘ a play written by Anwar […]

Ali Zafar Sings Late Night For His Twitter Fans

August 26, 2013

Ali Zafar the extraordinary actor/ singer interacted with his fans in a unique way on twitter, he asked them to request a song old/new and he would sing a line and upload it. Despite being pretty late at Ali Zafar kept his word when his fans started requesting songs. He uploaded Pyaar Howa Iqraar Howa […]

Ali Zafar on a break in London

August 12, 2013

Ali Zafar, the emerging star of the subcontinent has taken a break from all the hard work of hectic tours and film shootings and is on vacation in London with his family. The multitalented actor/singer /composer/painter had just returned from a successful tour in US and decided it was time to recuperate. Ali Zafar established […]

Ali Zafar Rocks Orlando!

July 11, 2013

Ali Zafar gave a sensational performance this week in a concert in Orlando while on tour in US, singing hit songs from his movie’s Chashme Baddoor and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan among others. While performing in Orlando one of Ali Zafar’s fans complimented him in a bizarre way, she told him that he resembles Fylnn […]