Lineup of Coke Studio Season 2

March 10, 2009

First season of Coke Studio was based on mainstream artists and featured experienced musicians. This season however features new musicians and some underground too. I think Coke Studio always wanted to bring new musicians but they didn’t want to expirement that at early stage and wanted to make a stronger base for the show first. […]

Noori to perform in Coke Studio Season 2!

March 10, 2009

Yes it is fully confirmed that noori would be performing at the second season of Coke Studio sessions. It is indeed an honor and also a great opportunity for the band to rethink and restructure the existing noori numbers. The most exciting thing for us, though, is that the brothers would again be reuniting with […]

Fire Records & Coke Studio reject Aunty Disco Project

February 17, 2009

Fire Records & Coke Studio reject Aunty Disco Project Disappointment It’s amazing how the incredible highs of performing live come together with the incredible lows of… well everything else. While we were still riding high on the success of our Peeru’s show, we got hit by some pretty disappointing news. Now we’ve been through a […]