Aunty Disco Project [ADP] – Hum Na Rahey

August 24, 2009

DOWNLOADS: Hum Na Rahey (Ali Alam on Vocals) Hum Na Rahay (Originaly by Ganada Banda) History: The song was originally done under Ganda Banda. Ali Alam used to be the lead vocalist of Ganda Banda & 3D Cats. Ali Alam is now part of ADP and the song is re-done. More by ADP More by […]

Ganda Banda and 3D Cats

January 21, 2009

Ganda Banda and 3D (3 Dead) cats was formed in 1996 by Ali, Babar, Ahmed and Rizwan, students of Indus Valley School of Arts-Karachi. The band released album in 2005 which had 4 original and 5 cover tracks. Later the band broke up and Ali went solo. He did a song “Kachwa Bachao” for WWF […]