ADP Diaries: Imran Lodhi and I (Omar Bilal Akhtar)

April 15, 2010

By Omar Bilal Akhtar I wrote the first part of this a couple of days after Imran’s passing. I wrote the next part a few days ago. Writing about Imran has been the most difficult thing I have had to do. But I felt I couldn’t move on to anything else until I did. In […]

Imran Lodhi (ex-ADP) passed away yesterday

March 8, 2010

Imran Lodhi (ex guitarist of Aunty Disco Project) passed away yesterday. Please pray for him and his family. May Allah bless him eternal peace in Jannat (Ameen). Omar Bilal Akhtar: My bandmate, my brother, my companion, Imran Lodhi, the founding member of ADP passed away last night in Canada. We’re all shocked, and heartbroken. Please […]

Inter Alia (Imran Lodhi) – 4 songs uploaded

Downloads: The Rules Run Beside Me The Puppet Show Run Beside Me (Live) Band Members: Imran Lodhi (Bass/vocals) Osman Siddiqui (Guitar) Marshall Niles (Vocals/Guitar) Rafae Rehman (Drums & Perc) Bio: Inter-Alia was formed this summer late in the month of April ’09.. The band consists of versatile musicians, who have the knack for experimentation, originality […]