Why People Don’t Buy CDs in Pakistan – Part II

April 22, 2010

Earlier we had written a post on why people don’t buy CDs in Pakistan which in my opinion was a limited analysis since it was mostly based on a user driven poll which had limited answers. Recently there was an interesting read by TorrentFreak shedding some light on the fact that piracy isn’t actually killing […]

Why People Don’t Buy CDs?

January 29, 2010

We ran a little poll for few days and thought to ponder upon the results to realize why CDs aren’t being bought and why we rely on downloading music for free. Well even without the poll, we all do know how free is better than paid. That’s one of the reasons why people don’t buy […]

Album Piracy, What Should Have Been Done!

I read a great post by Amir.in which covered the steps about how the piracy issue should have been dealt yesterday when owner of Mag4you was arrested and how it was dealt. He said By writing this i am not sympathizing with Mag4you, neither i take any rights off from Fire Records, but i hardly […]

Owner of Mag4you Arrested For Album Piracy

August 6, 2009

So the Fire records is on fire and is tracking down the pirates of Pakistan. Owner of Mag4you has been picked up from his home by the police and other sites are being tracked by Fire Records, while the owner of KoolMuzone is blogging about it. I wasn’t that much of a pirate after all, […]