Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 4 (Pictures)

With the airing of Episode 4, the Coke Studio journey continues – pushing the known boundaries of experimental fusion – the musical explorations of the imprints and impressions of a myriad of influences reveal an ever-widening vista of cultural diversity and the exciting promise of potential discoveries! View the pictures below:

Lyrics of Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 4

July 3, 2011

LAMBI JUDAAI – KOMAL RIZVI (Audio / Video)   Title: Lambi Judaai – لمبی جدائی – Long Separation Language: Urdu بچھڑے ابھی تو ہم بس کل پرسوں bichhṛe abhi to ham bas kal parson جئیوں گی میں کیسے اس حال میں برسوں jeeoongi main kaise is haal men barson

Coke Studio Episode 4: A multi-region musical excursion!

July 2, 2011

(Pakistan, 02 July 2011) Coke Studio’s Episode 4 will present a series of musical excursions from various regions across the country. The sessions will reveal the cultural significance of music to an ethnic identity, featuring songs in six regional languages: Sindhi, Balochi, Brahvi, Punjabi, Siraiki and Braj, in addition to our national language, Urdu. From […]