Lineup of Coke Studio Season 3 (Complete)

May 15, 2010

See All Coke Studio Season 3 Pictures A rich fusion of culture, tradition and history, Pakistani music is derived from diverse elements and various musical influences. Within this dynamic musical environment, Coke Studio has emerged as a musical fusion platform of exciting elements and influences, ranging from traditional eastern, modern western and regionally inspired music […]

Ali Zafar – Hotstepper of the week

August 9, 2009

From his days of ‘Channo’ to the years of ‘Masty’, Ali Zafar has come a long way. He was the one of the big stars of Coke Studio last year but it was his rendition of ‘Allah Hoo’ with Saeen Tufail Ahmed that changed the game for him. It proved one fact: Ali Zafar is […]

Harry Potter and the magical tunes of Pakistani pop!

August 5, 2009

Harry Potter and the magical tunes of Pakistani pop! With the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the story of the ‘boy who lived’ is still ongoing amidst global fanfare. Instep spoofs Harry Potter with the local pop music industry… By Maheen Sabeeh and Saba Imtiaz Atif Aslam as Harry Potter Harry Potter […]

The life and times of Rohail Hyatt

July 26, 2009

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Listen Online with Photo Captions: Download Audio “I can’t, even for a split second, deny the fact that when fame first hit us (the Vital Signs) at a level that we couldn’t possibly imagine, it felt good,” said Rohail Hyatt. “But I think I soon realised that it’s not my cup of tea. […]

Saieen Zahoor – Hotstepper of the week

July 9, 2009

He has been written about umpteen times. With Coke Studio running on airwaves consistently with new episodes, Saieen Zahoor is back in the national spotlight and we couldn’t be more pleased. Despite being 72, Saieen Zahoor is going as strong and remains as graceful as ever. At Coke Studio this year, he spun ecstasy with […]