Overload – Vichar Gai (Live at The Apartment)

[ Download Audio ] Band: Overload Song: Vichar Gaye Download Now! Overload is Farhad Humayun – Vocals & Drums & Sheraz Siddiq on Keys Playing an original tune VICHAR GAI from their acclaimed 2009 album ‘Pichal Pairee‘. The song became a solid hit for the band overseas after the release of the album in Norway […]

Pichal Pairee The reinvention of Overload

November 1, 2009

The band is back and it’s louder than ever before. “I can guarantee that whoever comes to our concerts will leave dancing,” said Overload drummer and band leader, Farhad Humayun once. One doesn’t find that hard to believe. Even when the Lahore-based band is performing in a city like Karachi where audiences in comparison tend […]

Overload – Pichal Pairee (Instep Album Review)

November 1, 2009

Slicker than the average With their second album, Overload have moved further into the world of hypnotic percussion and frenzied riffs with a distinct female vocalist in tow. As for the dhols… they are still very much a part of Overload’s punch. Instep lends an ear to the record that is Pichal Pairee… By Maheen […]

Overload – Pichal Pairee [Complete Album]

September 20, 2009

All rights reserved by Overload. The album is hosted at overloadbeats. DOWNLOAD COMPLETE ALBUM Tracklist: 1. “Dig” 2. “Dhol Bajay Ga” 3. “Pichal Pairee” 4. “Amjad Khan” 5. “Vichar Gai” 6. “A Thousand Miracles” 7. “Mela Kariyay” 8. “Kaykra” 9. “Saat Mein” You can check out all the album credits here.