Zeb and Haniya Receive a Standing Ovation in Abu Dhabi

Zeb and Haniya, Pakistan’s highly acclaimed musical duo, wowed audiences at New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus on April 4, 2013. Their packed performance was a follow-up to their 2011 appearance at NYU Abu Dhabi as part of a prestigious international artists’ colloquium, curated by world-renowned New York-based Performer/Director Anna Deveare Smith and eminent curator […]

Zeb & Haniya’s EP Comes Out This December!

October 24, 2011

Though release dates are always extremely unpredictable, Haniya has finally set December as the deadline for the release of the EP which was earlier expected to come out in the fall. If you’re unsure of what EP we are talking about here, Zeb & Haniya are brewing a five to seven track EP with the […]

Zeb & Haniya’s Upcoming EP to Come out This Fall

As already reported, Zeb & Haniya are brewing a five to seven track EP with True Brew Records. In an exclusive interview with Tribune, the duo has shared more information about the upcoming EP with the fans. The EP will consist of tracks which will be rather “expressions from within” keeping the classical/folk essence intact. […]