Coke Studo Season 2 Episode 2 “Harmony” Download Audios & Videos

Download All Audios and Videos of Coke Studio Season 2 Episode 2 “Harmony”

01. Shafqat Amanat Ali – Aankhon Kay Sagar [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

02. Josh – Jaanay Do [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

03. Atif Aslam and Riaz Ali Khan – Kinara [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

04. Ali Zafar – Dastaan-e-Ishq (Nachna Painda Hai) [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

05. Saieen Zahoor – Toomba [Download Audio] [Download Video] [Lyrics]

June 28th 2009 witnessed the voyage into Episode 2 or HARMONY across 15 television channels and numerous radio stations nationwide. Back at the studio we looked to bring you music that is the bridge that connects people: To witness individuals coming together to create a common ground that is in harmony with itself and each other.

We watched and heard Ali Zafar, returning as the most popular act from season one: His song ‘Dastaan e Ishq’, is inspired by Saeein Zahoor’s classic Nachna Painda Hai, and although composed by Ali Zafar in collaboration with Baqir Abbas, is solidly rooted in traditional folk music. This performance by Ali Zafar is a musical and lyrical tribute to the diverse appeal and versatility of classic folk tunes and the great sufi poets of this region.

Sharing his thoughts on guest musician Baqir Abbas, Ali Zafar says, “Baqir Abbas has always been a great support and a magical flute player. His participation brought much more than I had expected. If my set is appreciated and taken well by the audience I think I should be last person to give credit to.”

Our second session also welcomed JoSH to the platform with the Coke Studio house band in their soulful melody ‘Jaaney Do’. In a sense, JoSH itself represents the quintessence of ‘Harmony’ with both Q and Rup representing two distinct cultures: they both draw upon the best of their backgrounds to make music that is indeed in accord with itself.

‘Harmony’ also introduced the unique pairing of classic maestro Riaz Ali Khan with contemporary star Atif Aslam in a brand new rendition of Atif’s ‘Kinara’. Behind the scenes Atif and Riaz Sahib were both very vocal in praise of one another and on stage the rapport is heart-warming. Flowing seamlessly from a contemporary melody to the legendary “Man Kunto Maula” and on to a smooth, transitional ‘tarana’ only to continue on to pure folk and onwards, this version of Kinara is consistently unpredictable and entirely unique. Waris Baloo of the house band calls Riaz Ali Khan’s collaboration with Atif Aslam “musical genius”. Encouraged by Producer, Rohail Hyatt, to lead from the front, Atif Aslam’s involvement with the house band is evident: he is plainly immersed in the music and appears to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he delivers visual cues and interacts with everyone around him.

Saeein Zahoor’s “Toomba” was composed and written by Saieen himself. “This song speaks of Hazrat Amir Khusrau, Baba Farid Ganj Baksh, Baba Bulleh Shah and other great Sufi poets and saints and is a tribute to their dedication and belief to spreading the correct faith and the right path” says Saeein Zahoor. While the instrumentation on Toomba is eclectic it retains the true essence of folk and remains spiritual and uplifting. Ali Hamza of Noori, who discovered at the Studio that the banjo is truly the instrument of his heart, elected to join the house band as a guest musician on Toomba.

Shafqat Amanat Ali presented his extremely popular ‘Aankhoy Kay Sagar’, reinvented by time with the young and talented classical artist Gul Mohammad, whose forte lies in his mastery of the sub continental lute, the Sarangi. On the subject of collaborating, Shafqat mentions “You push limitation of style and genres. Collaborating, you cook new tastes in music, defining and redefining identity.”

Tune in again for our next episode on July 12 2009 for our celebration of universal equality and experience the power of Music – Here, at Coke Studio.