Zameer – Under The Bleachers (Album Review)

August 25, 2009

Zameer under the bleachersShe Had a smile
That Stayed A while
Every Night with Her
Brought Me Sunshine

If you hear the above the opening lines to a song, I am sure, you would want to hear the rest of the song too. These lines have been taken from the song First Love, from the album From Under The Bleachers.
An interesting thing about of the albums name is that it appears in 3 songs in the name, putting the listener in a doubt about which track is the title track, or it could be that the reason for the naming the album are the tracks.
Back to the song, First Love, it also has a complete-r fuller Urdu version (not on the album) called Yaad which you can watch here

Story based song, Where The Sun Don’t Shine, also talks about the mystery of women, that even after a long period MR. Singer still hasn’t learnt completely learnt about his love” TELL ME WHY DON’T YOU GO WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE NO MORE”, somehow this lyric doesn’t make me think straight, and with the singing being in a naughty voice, it’s only natural that thoughts wander.
“With you” is the second video to be released for the album and this track is just marvelous, shows the beauty of being in love being narrated in stages in a story form (again). Soft bass lines and an over infectious chorus line gets you to LOVE the track at the first listen. Very much proves, that even when love at first sight doesn’t happen, love at first sound is possible.
You Lied To Me: as the name of song suggests is about betrayal but also that of the writer to still forgive the mistakes of his love, and “wants her back” even what she has put him through with her betrayals and lies.
It’s easy to be filled with hatred for Zameer after hearing Mind Over Muder, because the lyrics are so blasphemous that you wish he is stoned to death for writing this song. But once the initial hatred dies out and you begin to think logically about the concept of the song, written from the head of a brain washed conscious terrorist lamenting against God and questioning HIS way but still hell bent to carrying out his acts. Beware though because the song has an immense amount of soul, the melody may make you start thinking with the mind of a terrorist.
The debut single Win or Defeat is written with the philosophy in Zameers own words is that “ When Defining Success for yourself, don’t worry about winning or losing as defined by societal perceptions but to just follow your own dream”, with such a theme, the lyrics have an uplifting tone and an upside tempo .
This is a good album and an excellent way to promote Pakistani talent globally, if anybody understands english and you need to showcase Pakistani music to them, just present this album and watch them sing praises for what our country has. As good Zameer is on his album he is just a tad better in his LIVE performances.
If you haven’t gotten the album, what are you waiting for ? go ahead and buy it straight away. It’s available at Amazon too.

Hani Arif is an ardent Pakistani music fan who writes full time on Life Manual