Adnan Sami and Jermaine Jackson video jinxed?

October 15, 2009

SB_AdnanOr so they say. Jermaine Jackson, who is currently in Mumbai, working with Adnan Sami Khan on a collaborative record (as a tribute to Michael Jackson) is not having such a good time. When the shooting was set to begin for the tune, Adnan Sami was initially denied permission. He is not an Indian citizen and neither is Jermaine. But after pulling powerful strings, Adnan finally got his way and was permitted to shoot at the Gateway of India. But then last week, as the video shoot was going ahead, it poured like true Mumbai monsoons and washed away all their plans. Soon the crew started another schedule in Mumbai but as the video was wrapping, Adnan got into an accident. “He (Adnan) was injured in the sea waters near the Gateway of India,” reports Times of India.

But Adnan is not a party pooper. A day after the accident, he said, “Nothing to worry about, though. I’ll be repaired in no time at all.”

Speaking about the incident, Adnan revealed, “I guess the man navigating the boat took his job a little too seriously.

SB_JermaineHe was moving too fast through the water and the boat almost toppled over and turned turtle. I was knocked against a hard surface in the boat.” Adnan’s left hand and thumb were badly injured. “Fortunately there are no fractures. But the pain and swelling were alarming. I couldn’t move my hand. But we had to continue shooting.”

Despite these injuries, Adnan shot through the sequences to get the video rolling.

“I’m just thankful that Jermaine wasn’t in the boat when it almost capsized. That would’ve been one helluva story he’d have carried back home,” said Adnan to TOI.

When this video will hit airwaves remains to be seen but do watch out. A tribute to Michael Jackson from Adnan Sami and Jermaine makes for a very curious combination.

Source: Instep Today