Ali Zafar Launches Video Blog, Was He Again Reading OBA’s Blog?

November 24, 2009

The story which had started, when the news publication on celebrity blogging by Saba Imtiaz was published in Instep Today, has now reached an extremely humorous situation. OBA (Omar Bilal Akhtar) from ADP (Aunty Disco Project) made a comment on that publication by making a post titled “Is Ali Zafar reading my blog for ideas?” to which Ali Zafar replied on his blog. Later, OBA made another of his usual humorous, R18 blog posts titled “Ali Zafar is totally reading my blog“.

Just three days ago, Aunty Disco Project launched their Vlog (Video Blog) blended with OBAs usual humor to reach the people in better and more innovative way. Three hours ago, Ali Zafar announced his youtube channel on Facebook with his first interactive video. Dude, you are definitely reading OBA’s blog for the ideas ­čśŤ

Watch Video Below:

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