Haroon Sheikh of AAG not in Coke Studio Season 4 (Update)

November 14, 2010

AAG BandHaroon Sheikh, the lead vocalist and guitar player of the band AAG, one of  the most amazing underground bands that we have heard in a while, claims that he along with his other band members is a part of the upcoming season of Coke Studio i.e season 4.

Earlier today, we also broke the news that Irfan Ahmed (Charlie) will play the drums along with Louis J. Pinto (Gumby) in Coke Studio Season 4. Now Haroon claims that his band will be featured in the next season of Coke Studio which will air in the summers of 2011. This shows that Rohail and his team have already started selecting the musicians for his critically acclaimed and iconic music project.

Haroon claimed it on the official facebook page of Coke Studio and it’s snapshot can be seen below:

Haroon Sheikh of AAG claims to be in Coke Studio


AAG band’s lead vocalist says there is no such thing as of yet. He said:

AAG not in Coke Studio Season 4  as of yet

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