Tere Bin Laden to Have a Sequel?

December 14, 2010

Earlier today, Zoom TV got a scoop on what they called “Tere Bin Laden 2”, sequel to “Tere Bin Laden“, a low-budget comedy film that scored overwhelming response, directed by a first-timer, featuring prince of pop, Ali Zafar.

The rumor soon enough made rounds on all major media sources of bollywood. Director of the movie, Abhishek Sharma, when asked replied

“Yes, we have had discussions [about the sequel], but till we don’t hit upon the right idea, there’s no point going ahead with it. Pooja, Aarti and I genuinely feel there’s no point announcing a sequel, if the script isn’t in place. If we hit upon an interesting idea some day and if we feel that the second part will be better than the first, we will go ahead and make one. But not in the immediate future.”

So, there’s definitely something in piepline. It’s just too early for the film-makers to announce the sequel since the script isn’t in place.

[via Zoom, BH]