Pakistan vs India – Semi Final, World Cup 2011 (Pictures)

March 30, 2011

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India won the match by 29 runs. Congratulations to the Indian team. It was a well deserved victory. Pakistani Skipper Shahid Afridi showed us that a team that stands no where could come up to semi finals only because of a good captain who got this together as a unit. Pakistan Team exceeded all our expectations. Afridi deserves kudos for so masterfully captaining our team, he did the most awesome job of captaining a team that had lost hopes. He showed amazing sportsmanship. A big round of applause and so much respect for him. And what a closing speech! No words for Afridi, the way he accepted the defeat gracefully, he is the real winner! He floored us with his speech and he apologized for what? He took the team this far on his own from utter pits. Afridi – you showed Grace and Dignity and won our hearts. What a leader of men! I wished we could have won but Allah wants us to see this and will help us to do better and achieve more with more effort and determination and support from every Pakistani. Go Green Team, you make us all proud. Pakistan Zindabad!

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