Aamir Zaki Was Not Dropped From the Coke Studio S4 [Update]

May 31, 2011

A few days ago Tribune ran a controversial story about Aamir Zaki getting dropped from the Coke Studio season 4 after getting auditioned. We have learnt more from the Coke Studio team and the producer Rohail Hyatt that this is certainly not true.

Firstly, the audition never took place. Why? because the auditions never take place. The Coke Studio team invites the musicians to come be part of the Coke Studio sessions. This was also revealed to us by Bilal Khan in an interview. The jam session which Zaki did with his band Spoonful was a casual jam session. “Zaki doesn’t have to be auditioned” said Rohail “He doesn’t have to prove his talent”.

Secondly, Aamir Zaki was being considered to be part of the 4th season but he was being considered for a special performance without a house band because of the type of musician he is. A new concept was being planned which didn’t materialize due to shortage of time. However, that will be considered again in future.

Moreover, Zaki and Rohail go along really well told us a source from inside the studio. There never has been a row of any sort.

Update 1:

Aamir Zaki commented on the situation today

“Whatever you have ‘learnt’ friends is not true, i was never offered to play for the programe in all four seasons”.

The second statement by Zaki leads us into believing that he may not have been dropped but he was never offered to play either.