Coke Studio Season 4 (Universal Promo)

May 4, 2011

Coke Studio embarks on its fourth season with a heightened awareness of the invisible depths of the musical foundations upon which it stands. Expanding on the experiences of the previous three seasons, Coke Studio now continues along the path of self-discovery with a fresh perspective on the scale of diversity – of music, poetry, cultures and languages – that exist in Pakistan.

In Season 4 the Coke Studio journey is rich and varied. It takes us deeper into the realm of classical music – introducing promising new talent, highlighting branches of music that have evolved from the classical root and presenting demonstrations of the ancient art form by universally acknowledged maestros. Coke Studio will also be showcasing styles of music that are uncommon yet exceptional and therefore, very precious. In keeping with the Coke Studio tradition of expanding the boundaries of mainstream listening, there is the inclusion of regional language songs. Making valuable additions to the country’s known talent pool, Coke Studio also introduces some gifted, yet virtually unknown singers that have earned a place on this platform due to their skill and talent alone. And providing perfect balance to the musical spectrum of this season, Coke Studio continues to acknowledge the importance of contemporary music via fusion and cross-genre collaboration numbers – featuring pop singers, a diverse range of bands and a house-band that combines the best of eastern and western instrumentation.