Kiran Chaudhry Talks About Club Caramel (Interview)

1 ) When did you and Adnan come up with Caramel.

Caramel was a cover band we started back in 2006 when the two of us met and decided to form our own band. We played mostly cover gigs in local restaurants and then started getting more gigs. The idea was to bring back the club live music scene of the the 60s and 70s back to Pakistan. We have done more than 75 shows so far including some very high profile events.

2 ) Why did you feel the need to move on from Caramel and start Club Caramel?

Well, Caramel was mostly known for its cover sets and we used to organize our own annual event called Club Caramel which became so popular that we started getting known by that name. When it came to our original music, we decided that Club Caramel was the next step in the evolution of our musical journey.

3 ) Would you still be making music under Caramel?

Club Caramel is the platform through which we will be releasing our music now.

4 ) Do you plan an album for either of the bands?

Yes. Club Caramel’s debut album will be released after a series of music videos this year. However, right now we are planning a new video/single release as well working on some other interesting projects.

5 ) How has the response been on Zindagi?

We had no reference point as to how our music would be received by the public. The first challenge is visibility for an independent band like Club Caramel because most of the content being run by TV channels is either Indian or sponsored and we therefore rely heavily on the internet. Having said that, both the song and the video are doing very well and our facebook community is growing steadily. The response is definitely encouraging enough for us to want to do more music videos soon.

6 ) It appears, you two have been doing everything in the club caramel on your own from production, to PR and marketing. How hard can that get?

It can become quite difficult but there is no other choice. The state of the entertainment industry nowadays, globally and at home, is such that independent musicians do have to be self sufficient and enterprising. In Pakistan there are hardly any proper talent management agencies so we have have had to learn how to run all aspects of Club Caramel ourselves. We divide tasks and have been fairly successful so far as well as getting a chance to learn about the workings of the music business first hand.

7 ) When can we expect another single/video from you?

Club Caramel will be releasing its second studio single/video this summer.

8 ) Do you look forward to monetize your music or take it as career?

Of course. This IS our career. Both of us have given up pretty lucrative careers abroad to follow this path. Earning money is part of the process and is vital for us if we are to continue making music.

9 ) Are you two working on other projects?

We both have our hands full with projects other than Club Caramel. Kiran has just done session vocalist work with Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam at the recent Standard Chartered events and will also be releasing some of her own music as a solo artist soon. Adnan is preparing for his upcoming international racing season which is going to start late this summer.

10 ) Most of the Pakistani musicians, even a lot from mainstream industry, have their day jobs. What about you guys?

Music is our full time occupation and has been for a while. On the side, Kiran helps out with the family business and Adnan has been involved in national and international autoracing as a competitor and organizer. But no day jobs. We quit ours!

11 ) What makes your music different?

Fresh, new ideas. The unpretentious approach to music. And it’s honest, a reflection of who we are rather than us pretending to look or sound like anyone else.

12 ) Any message for your fans and our readers?

The local music scene needs your support. The true potential of Pakistan’s remarkable music talent is yet to be revealed and it is only possible with your active involvement.