Daniyal Noorani – Own2Feet (Audio / Video)

Daniyal Noorani – Own2Feet (Download Audio)

Artist: Daniyal Noorani

Song: Own2Feet

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Own2Feet tells the story of dysfunctional partners and highlights some of the issues observed in US-Pak relations.

The hope is that the video will motivate us to take ownership of our problems and stand on our Own2Feet!

On this independence day, let us stop with the anti and be pro-Pakistani!

Video Credits:

Directed by Marria Khan & Daniyal Noorani
Animation & Character Design: Marria Khan

Music Credits:

Guitar & Keys: Arjun Ray
Drums: Dan
Vocals: Daniyal Noorani
Viola: Margaux Whitney
Violin: Rachel Iba
Written and composed by Daniyal Noorani
Produced by Arjun Ray and Robie Rowland

Take a listen to the song below:

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