Javed Bashir to Tour India with Mekaal Hasan Band

December 13, 2011

A few hours ago, some photos of the Mekaal Hasan Band jamming with Javed Bashir were released on their official facebook page. We were glad to see him jamming with the band, but were also surprised, so we immediately contacted Javed Bashir’s manager, who confirmed us the news.

As of now, we don’t know for how long do they plan to work together, is it like a patch-up, or collaboration for project, all that we know is, Javed Bashir is working with MHB again. Also, we couldn’t speak directly to Javed Bashir because he was in a show, but his manager confirmed it.

For those who don’t know, Javed had been the lead singer for MHB since its inception. He left the band in early 2010 to pursue a solo career, after which Asad Abbas was selected as the lead vocalist of the band. I’d be curious to find out what happens to Asad with this development.

MHB will also be touring extensively in India with it’s original line up – Javed Bashir, Muhammad Ahsan Papu and Mekaal. The band’s long awaited tour of India kicks on December, 17th with NDTV in Gurgaon.

Further shows will be announced by the band’s management in India.

Below are the photos from the jam session: