It’s a Wrap! ‘Coke Studio Season 5’ Shoot Completed

January 26, 2012

It’s a wrap! The shooting of Coke Studio Season 5 is complete within the scheduled time and the first teaser is ready to make a sneak peek soon.

The shooting of the latest season of Coke Studio was completed at Studio 146 in the Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi today. Its video director, Adnan Malik, is excited and at peace with what has been done with this season.

“Season 5 of Coke Studio is in the can! Beautiful sights and sounds this summer,” Adnan Malik said.

The makers of the successful live music show have a lot of delectable surprises for the fans this year. Perhaps it’s too soon, but there is some speculation already that Hadiqa Kiani and Uzair Jaswal are going to be among this year’s featured artists.

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When we spoke to a source close to the situation, he commented “Hadiqa has never been featured on CS before and this time Mr. Rohail Hyatt is pulling out all the ropes.” That said, he neither confirmed nor denied the presence of Kiani this season. Although, two other sources verified that Hadiqa was part of the rehearsals.

Uzair Jaswal expressed his excitement about what’s coming in year ahead? “I promise that this year’s going to be even bigger and better; there are a lot more music coming your way.”

Zoe Viccaji, one of the backing-vocalists of Coke Studio said, “This is going to be the mother of all seasons!”

CS 5 is slated to release this summer. So get ready for another epic season of this musical phenomenon.