Ali Zafar’s & Katrina’s Music Collaboration, Not Happening As Of Now

February 2, 2012

Bollywood diva Katrina had agreed to appear in Zafar‘s upcoming music video and album while the two were shooting for MBKD but none of that is happening as of now. While the film was being shot, Ali and Katrina were both bonding big time. Ali said “Yes, Katrina is very sweet and told me she would be a part of my album. I carry my guitar on the sets and she too is learning the basics. She will probably play it for my album.”

According to the recent reports by Zee, while Zafar and Katrina still jam casually on and off when they meet, the music collaboration plans aren’t on the table, at least for now.

Me and Katrina are good friends and whenever we meet we like to jam and discuss music, play the guitar. But plans to record something professionally is not in the current scheme of things. It is not happening in the near future,” told Ali.

Rumors of Ali’s co-star in LPNY Aditi Rao making an appearance in Ali Zafar’s next album were also making the waves but the prince of pop has no intentions to work on the upcoming album for the next two years which also explains why the Katrina-Zafar collaboration is also not happening as of now.

I keep making music now and then but right now I am busy with films, so no album as such is in the pipeline. My last album was `Jhoom` which was more of a Sufi one. I usually take 2-3 years time to come out with an album,” he said.