Sajid and Zeeshan – Sanity (Listen)

February 11, 2012

Artists: Sajid and Zeeshan ft. Wasim Kamal

Song: Sanity

The 16th / last track of the album “The Harvest“. Featuring Sajid & Zeeshan’s good friend and a brilliant drummer, Wasim Kamal.

Take a listen to the song below:

After releasing the last track from their album on the internet for free, the band said:

Ladies and Gentlemen!. As we’re releasing this very last track/song, today our album, “The Harvest” is complete.

We want to thank all those who waited impatiently for this album and then turned patient enough when they had to wait for each and every song, every week. Seriously, you guys Rock!

Please don’t forget, “The Harvest” is available for free downloads only till the 18th of Feb, 2012. Subsequently it will be locked for downloads, so this is the time, get it all while you can

Once again, thanks for sticking by us, listening, appreciating and for giving us feedback. For us thats the cherry on top. We hope you all will keep listening to this album and for much longer than we expect. Keep it alive if you can, we’re sure it will do the same for you in many ways

Enjoy and Stay Happy 🙂


Since you have come to me,
I won’t decide,
You’re grabbing everything I hold,
leaving hope on the side.

Its funny how we took a turn,
I was left you were right
The only way your head would turn,
If I stepped out of sight

But I cant lose to win a game
Am I that wise?
And I can’t suffer you again,
I’m always wrong then we fight

I know you’re different, When you’re mine, ‘Cos you’re indifferent, Every time

The pebbles that I never threw, Across the oceans of my mind,
They spun me in a perfect haze,
Leaving doubt on the side,

But I won’t let you let me blame again,
I have reasons that you might,
Since we face each other’s dignity with shame,
Let me say this one more time

I know you’re different When you’re mine ‘Cos you’re indifferent Every time

Should I crawl away?
Would I fall again?
Should I crawl again?
Would I fall again?
Should I crawl again?
would I fall?

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