Ufone Uth Records 2.0 Introduces Artist Jarar Malik with Epsiode Two!

February 28, 2012

[Pakistan – 28th February 2012] Following the launch of Ufone Uth Records 2.0 with a first episode that celebrated the journey of Season One’s artists; the anticipated music platform is now set to introduce six new artists, introducing a new musician weekly through six individual episodes. To this end, Ufone Uth Records Episode Two will showcase the work of Jarar Malik on 03 March 2012.

A Pakistani American musician, Jarar Malik will be performing his original track ‘Bewafa’ at Ufone Uth Records 2.0 – a song about heartbreak, something he felt most people have experienced at some level and will be able to relate to. Experimenting with a diverse range of musical genres from pop to rock to R&B, Jarar plays both the guitar as well as keyboards. Season One artist Natasha Humera Ejaz also contributes to this track with her backing vocals as well as audio mixing; Guest musician and bassist Russell D’Souza also features with Jarar on ‘Bewafa’ as does producer Ufone Uth Records and drummer extraordinaire, Louis J ‘Gumby’ Pinto. Through Ufone Uth Records 2.0, Jarar hopes to receive a platform to showcase his art to a wider audience and to connect with them on a musical level.

Akbar Khan Chief Marketing Officer of Ufone has said:

“This year and once again our music platform endeavours to show how talented young musicians can thrive in a professional music environment where one of their original compositions is refined in our specialised recording studio with some of Pakistan’s most gifted musicians. Our team has worked very closely with Jarar Malik for his song and we hope Pakistan enjoys his work at Ufone Uth Records.”

Speaking about working with Jarar, producer of Ufone Uth Records, Louis J ‘Gumby’ Pinto said:

“Jarar’s music is definitely mainstream, however it does have a very strong influence of funk. I sensed a sparking new turning point in mainstream music in his approach. He is confident about his songwriting, his identity as a musician and the kind of music he wants to put out. Of course as a musician he will evolve and he certainly does have the potential to do so. We all at Ufone Uth Records had a great time hanging and making music with him. I am certain that we all will be hearing a lot more fun music from Jarar in the coming years.”

Jarar Malik on his experience at Ufone Uth Records said:

“I have been playing for a variety of bands since my childhood and have recorded and produced my own debut album at home however recording my track in a professional studio environment under the guidance of the platform’s producer Louis J ‘Gumby’ Pinto was an absolutely amazing experience altogether.”

Directed by Zeeshan Parwez, Ufone Uth Records 2.0 Episode 2 will be airing on AAG, Aaj News, Apna Channel, ARY Muzik, ATV, A plus, Channel G, CNBC, KTN, Kashish, Metro, News One, Oxygen, Play TV, PTV Home, Style 360, TV One, Waseb as well as across Ufone Uth Records’ social media platforms, on 3rd March 2012.

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