AAG – Kafla (Official Music Video)

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Artist: Aag

Song: Kafla (Re-Mastered)

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Direction/Edit: Haroon Sheikh

D.O.P: Zaheer Shahid

Production Design: Amal F Uppal

Color Correction: Taimoor Salahuddin

Typography/FX: Pixels

Recorded & Produced: EAR (Ebullition Art Recordings)

(Contributed by: Shruti Iyer)

Chaos erupting in my heart,
Mad passion takes control,
On the path of helplessness,
I stand and let my life unfold,

Drawing lines between yours and mine,
Who knew sorrow was foretold?
To quench your own raging thirst,
Your own blood never did console,

Grab hold of this moment,
At this moment when we burn,
In this fire that we churn,

Travelled so far with this caravan,
Naive to the destiny of our clan?
Think of what we have lost again.
With multitudes we did start,
Now look how few depart,

Why obey those cynics, those tests?
Why not do what we feel is best?
How long will we condone this unrest?
Burning, as ashes we come to rest,

Those legends are still alive,
who’s sagas continue to thrive,
Stories forgotten paths never crossed,
Speak out…where are you and I lost?