Nescafe Basement – Live In Concert

Nescafe basement is once again alive and kicking. After a pretty decent debut and more than expected response from audience, the basement band is back and this time around they have gone all out and are going to perform live in various educational institutions of the country.

Nescafe basement, which was launched last year, mainly focuses on the younger generation of musicians, providing them an environment that enables the creativity flow out of them and also nurturing their raw talent. Also not to forget is that they have the vital support and guidance of Zulfiqar Jabbar khan a.k.a Xulfi (of EP/CALL fame) who is himself regarded as one of the finest musicians of the country. Under his mentorship these kids were picked from various colleges and universities of Pakistan.

Although the initial program that was aired on TV channels last year, went a bit unnoticed by the audience as it is the case for most of the first timers and unfamiliar musicians, but this idea of taking the basement band to the live stage is really doing the trick and would definitely make a long way in increasing the project’s popularity. Also if you felt that the recorded performances which were aired on TV were boring, then these live concerts by the basement band are surely something to watch out for.

And the first performance from this upcoming series of concert took place at Fast-Nu Lahore campus, this Friday. The basement band surely rocked the stage. These 15 young musicians had an amazing sound with an even better on stage energy that made this a memorable live act even for the people who didn’t even have the slightest interest in local music. The band sang their songs from the basement, mostly the covers in a revamped way. For me the best thing about this project is the amazing sound, more than the vocals, which gets out of the basement.

Earlier we have seen a lot of live sessions coming on our television screens. But this is a whole new thing for the audience to witness live in front of them. The official event page of the Nescafe basement tours states:

”The soothing melodies, the beautiful acoustics and lots of fun all under one platform showcases young talented youth, be a part of our expedition. You shall be all satisfied.”

The mentor of the young musicians, Xulfi also sounded very excited about the way their tour has begun and was of high praise for the crowd that made it a successful gig. Xulfi who is himself an alumni of Fast, updated,

“Quite an intense and impactful performance guys! You all rocked! And FAST-NU, you were a great crowd! A brilliant beginning to Nescafe Basement’s Pakistan Tour! Next up is Kinnaird College on the 15th!”

There are 11 concerts in total of which this was the first one. Their next stop is at Kinnaird College on 15th of this month.

After the success of initial season which was just a pilot project, basement team is also planning for the season 2 of this program. Live events like this one will surely set up the tone for the future development that take place in the basement.

The basement party is touring various institutes of Lahore and Islamabad so keep yourself updated as to when they reach your college.