Atomic Chain ft. Xpolymer Dar & Asrar – Super Cold (Audio / Video)

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Artists: Atomic Chain™ ft. Xpolymer Dar and Asrar Hassan Band

Song: Super Cold

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Experimenting as usual and trying something in a different dimension, yet making sure that it shakes the ground below your feet. Music video of Atomic Chain™ performing ‘Super Cold’ featuring Xpolymer Dar and Asrar Hassan Band.

Atomic Chain’s interpretation of one of Glitch Mob’s tracks after Lupe and B.o.B.

Super Cold Credits:

Directed By: Mahad Ali Sajid
DOP: Diyach Thebo
POST: Lenserati – By Mahad Ali Sajid
Prod. Manager: Ahmad Baig

Atomic Chain Productions



Cold blooded; frozen skin
Been smoking the remains of my still sickest sins
You call yourself a murderer; better think again
Recede and then go home and you call it a win?

I’m super cold; though burnt within
Mind uncontrolled; the sickest being
The hardest flow; The darkest pen
That’s how you lose; That’s how I win!

I’m super cold
Been living so dead but now I arose
Skin thick with the ice covering my soul
Like a vengeful beast; show no control

When im in the mode; you be cut like straws
Got to write my code and debug my flaws
I be back like a boss; commandin like DOS
Stuck down in your thoughts; nightmare to my foes

And when I’m back; I be back with a bang
Get in line cause the front seat aint gon hang
How you’d wish that you could; but you had your chance

So now you could step back and hope for a glance
Bitch you think you standin out; got a manly stance?
Wearin All Star shit with them tight-ass pants
Sir you could go home or you can go dance

To some techno
Cause my shit go hard; this the way I am
Till the day I return; this a bell that I rang

Consider this a teaser; and I ain’t here to please ya
Just a friendly message from your uncle sam
Battery charged and I’m bout to ram
You bitches, signin out, this is A-C-N.

[XPolymer Dar]

Kar chaak seena mera waikh ki tamasha lagga,
Aatish fishaan khaardaar ye zameer nanga,
Chorr de ghulaami Dar tu kis rung runga,
Tu kis rung rungaa…

Hath lawaan jeri she o bann k paani away,
hath challa kanne gaani phir jawaani jaway,
banda faqeer nazar maraasi awaay,
dunya meliyaan ich theliyaan ich mangi jaway,

Fan-o-hunar mera, lafzaan da gurr mera,
Sufi tabyat, soch-o-fiqar ghar mera,
Darbay ich qaid jiwain khoon khaar howay,
Dushman da jaal meri hi chaal howay,

Jo vi kar ditta, chad ditta, pichay hun waikhna nae,
agg wich tayl paa k khud nu mai saiknaa nae,
Waich k zameer dhandora nayio pitna,
chadd k ik khoon, baaki sab hega fitnaa,
jinna vi zor, jinni vi tor,
jinni vi taqat howay jaktaan de kol,
meray imaan tun wadd keri interpol,

Munday bathairay Punjabi karde rap ne,
par meray samnay khallo k vi ghayb ne,
o tuwadi galli, mohallay, shehr da naib mai,
o saari nikiyaan ne gaindaan par Bat mai,

Nawwa aey josh nawi paud da zamana,
waddi aey soch waddi fauj da tarana,
karaan mai ghor aey hai zoq da thikana,
aey hai be-maut fiqar, bekhauf da tarana,


I’m super cold, my freezer deep
You niggas dolt, try and outleap
You niggas fold your cards, your chips is cheap
I’m making money; Gold, you still counting sheeps

Records is what I keep and y’all acting so curious
I’m all for competitions but you niggas ain’t serious
You phonies powerless, can’t do shit but envy me
when I step in the ring ain’t no antagonism, period.

Get to know me nigga I’m top of the rack
You sticking back; low-key while I’m chillin’ laid back
But in a sec I’ll be out with a bang
Sending you straight down with a smack to the sack

Kick back in this hatchback Jam-packed
I’m about to rollback and playback in this bivouac
You quacks can’t do jack but clapback
I’m a flack for myself, a class act

Let me conclude this with a nice few words
Ignite a fire so bright yeah just like my future
The fame and power, it’s joint venture
Between you and me, I bet you get the picture

Back in the game, had it coming long time
I’m in for the long run, you niggas is part-time
Killing one by one, it’s your deadline
Didn’t you get the memo? Go ahead and resign.

Atomic Chain, Xpolymer Dar & Asrar - Super Cold