Pakistani Musicians Taking the Indie Route

October 16, 2010

A lot of artists this year chose to release their music independently. While this could be an option for the lot which can pay for the production, distribution, marketing and lawyers, this can’t even be a consideration for most other musicians. Earlier this year, we highlighted some interesting facts about how digital music has been […]

Profile Shoot: Gumby, Khalid Khan & Omran Shafique

Wardrobe: Kash Hussain Photography: Fayyaz Ahmed Styling: Sajid Models: Gumby, Khalid Khan & Omran ‘Momo’ Shafique Fashion Editor & co-ordination: Madeeha Syed Source: BandBaji | Madeeha Syed In the Drummer’s Den By Khaver Siddiqi Drummer Louis John Pinto, aka Gumby, talks exclusively to Images on Sunday about the new studio he set up with Mauj-frontman […]

Ali Azmat Doing Music for Bollywood’s Mumbai Cutting

September 7, 2009

Mumbai Cutting is an under-production film by Sudhir Mishra, a famous director and friend of Ali Azmat. The movie will be based on 11 10-minutes stories. The song “Sawal” from the album “Klashinfolk” will be used in the movie. The movie is said to release soon which means early 2010. In an interview with Madeeha […]

The life and times of Rohail Hyatt

July 26, 2009

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Listen Online with Photo Captions: Download Audio “I can’t, even for a split second, deny the fact that when fame first hit us (the Vital Signs) at a level that we couldn’t possibly imagine, it felt good,” said Rohail Hyatt. “But I think I soon realised that it’s not my cup of tea. […]

Pakistani musicians on Michael

July 3, 2009

The King of Pop’s impact on our local music industry is undeniable – from dance moves to disco beats. Here, some of the top names in Pakistani pop revisit their relationship with Michael Jackson, the man and the music. (Interviews by Madeeha Syed. Photography by Rizwan-ul-Haq, Kohi Marri and Fayyaz Ahmed) Salman Ahmed (Junoon) My […]

Selina Rashid – Against the odds

“Are you sure you don’t need to warm up before we go in there?” I asked Selina when we arrived at the studio and home of the person she was literally going to audition for. “No, no” she responded nodding her head, as if to suggest that I shouldn’t be worry. At that exact moment, […]

Beyond being the girls next door (Zeb and Haniya)

“If you have to listen to local female musicians, you should take note of Zeb and Haniya’s compositions,” Sajid Ghafoor (from Sajid and Zeeshan) commented several years ago. We were having a discussion on the dearth of female musical groups in the country and how one or two aspiring artistes had managed to generate acclaim […]