Meesha Shafi Has Been Cast in Nair’s ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’?

Earlier we reported that Ali Zafar has auditioned to act in US-based Indian filmmaker Mira Nair’s adaptation of Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid’s bestseller literary piece, The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Though we haven’t heard since then if he was ultimatly chosen for the role, and that’s highly unlikely, now that Zafar has been spending most of his time working in the Bollywood, we have just heard that Meesha Shafi of “Alif Allah” fame has been cast in Nair’s Reluctant Fundamentalist which will be a Hollywood production.

Below is the excerpt from an article published in a trusted Indian publication, Rediff

One singer Meesha Shafi (Chambe Di Booti and Chori Chori) has been cast in Mira Nair’s next film The Reluctant Fundamentalist (based on Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid’s novel).

A best-seller literary piece under the direction of Nair with actors like Meesha on the cast could really turn this film into a masterpiece.