Pepsi Smash Starts Next Year – PepsiCo’s Answer To Coke Studio [Delayed]

November 11, 2012

There is definitely something big cooking up in the music circles in Lahore.

According to our sources, this mega project is titled as Pepsi Smash, and as the name states, this will be sponsored by the beverage giants Pepsi.

[ NEWS UPDATE: Pepsi Smash Will Air Its First Episode on April 26th! ]

After the success of Coke Studio with Rohail Hayat, it was obvious that Pepsi would come up with something to counter it. One of our sources tells us that Pepsi had been planning a project like Coke Studio for three years, and originally Shahi Hasan was supposed to handle it.

Our sources now confirm that the project will be handled by Farhad Humayun of Overload fame, but we will still have to wait till we get to know about the whole team working behind Smash. The recordings have taken place at Farhad’s studio “Riot Studios”. It is said to be focusing more on the electronic side of music.

It all started when couple of days ago, Strings posted a photo at their official page showing both the band members, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia standing with Farhad. Also the description of the photo read,

“Just recorded two brand new songs with some brilliant musicians in Lahore. Songs are part of a project and will be released mid January next year.”

Another picture also surfaced over the internet few days back where Strings were seen standing with SYMT boys. SYMT is another Lahore based band that also featured on the Coke Studio Season 5. Later the band lead vocalist Haroon Shahid also released a statement giving a hint about something big in the store.

Haroon Shahid stated,

“Shooting and recording the biggest project yet after Coke Studio for SYMT tonight at Riot Studios!”

Another young and upcoming musician named Jarar Malik, who recently shot to fame with his cover of Vital SignsDil Dil Pakistan also updated his fans about the project which seems to be the same that is currently mounting the curiosity of the music fans. Jarar wrote,

“Farhad Humayun, Faisal Baig, Haroon Shahid, Hassan Omer, Farhan Ali and the rest of you talented rock and rollers, RESPECT!”

Haroon Sheikh, who is the vocalist for Lahore based critically acclaimed band “Aag” released a similar statement saying,

“Had fun jamming with Usman Sheikh, Haroon Shahid, Hassan Omer, Farhan, Jarar Malik, and a couple others. Should do this more often.”

Noori have also updated their fans about this recent development. Noori stated,

“Working on a brand new project. Faisal Baig is producing. A whole new sound for Noori. Stay tuned for more!”

Also sharing their excitement, they have asked their fans to stayed tuned for the newer side of Noori.

“Just got done with a crazy round of gigs in #KHI and #GIKI – #ModelUN. The real fun however, is about to begin NOW! Stay tuned…”

So summing up all the above gathered info, we can conclude that there is some amazing project coming your way. And as of now, Strings, Noori, SYMT, Jarar Malik, Aag and hugely anticipated Overload is gearing up for a big venture. We will have to wait and watch who else get along with them.

All the music fans out there; watch out this space for more of developing news regarding this project.