Pepsi Smash Will Air Its First Episode on May 1st! [Promo]

Pepsi Smash (1)This summer season is expected to be quite buzy and happening for all the music lovers out there. Although there are quite a few programs that are aired in the summer time, still there is a new entrant in to the arena who are actually no new when it comes to music. Pepsi who have been one of the biggest supporters of Pakistani music industry since its inception are once again back into the business with not just a single sponsored track but a whole new show that is going to start from 1st May, this Wednesday.

Titled as Pepsi Smash, the show is said to focus more on the electronic side of music and to introduce the audience to a newer version of the music that they have been listening all along. Although there is not much detail available about the project but it is going to be spearheaded by Farhad Humayun of Overload fame and has been recorded at the state of the art, ‘Riot Studio’ that is owned by Farhad himself.

As reported by us last year too, this project is expected to feature the likes of Strings, Noori and Symt, just to name a few.

Pepsi Smash (2)Pepsi, who have always been the pioneers in collaborating with the musicians worldwide and introducing them to a larger audience, seemed to have taken a back seat in the recent years as Coke Studio, that is obviously sponsored by their market competitors Coca Cola, continued to be the most successful musical phenomenon.

But now finally Pepsi have made a comeback with Pepsi Smash that is going to ‘smash’ the airwaves in a week time. This project will attempt to promote the individuality of an artist that somehow seems to be lost in this era of commercialism.

The official Facebook page of Pepsi have been updating about this project for few days, although not very directly. With the photos that they have been uploading, they are reiterating the fact that for how long they have been attached to music. As one of the update read “Rocked DIL DIL Pakistan in 1991 and still Smashing” and another one which goes like this “Celebrating Two decades of Pepsi and music”.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s going to sweep you off your feet on the 1st of May.

We will let you know about any further details in this regards as soon as any official announcement is made about the show. So all the music fanatics out there, “Are you ready to Smash”?

Pepsi Smash