Boom Boom – NESCAFÉ Basement II (Episode #2)

NESCAFÉ Basement astounds us with another round of enthusiasm, inspiration and talent. The fresh, vibrant artists of season II have been meticulously chosen and are the future crème de la crème of the music industry. Once again, the artists create a splendid orchestration which will leave you wanting more. NESCAFÉ Basement is a start, for these young artists. You can experience their journey here as they make their way through the crowds.


Boom Boom

Original by

Nazia Hassan

Introducing the second episode of NESCAFÉ Basement II. Check out a brilliant performance of Nazia Hassan’s BOOM BOOM by Parizae & Sameen!

Boom Boom Credits:


Hamza Tanveer and Altamash Sever

Sarangi and Surmandal:

Abubakar Javed

Vocals and Acoustic Guitars:

Rizwan Butt

Vocals and Harmonies:

Parizae Azhar Malik


Sohaib Shafiq


Syed Misbah Uddin


Sameen Qasim


Shairi Bakhshi


Bilawal Lahooti


Rutaba Muhammad Yaqub


Shahrukh Aslam


Mansoor Lashari


Jibraan Saeed


Haider Abbas

Flute and Harmonies:

Adrian David Emmanuel

Vocals and Rubab:

Asfer Hussain

Vocals, Keyboards and Harmonies:

Turaab Khan


Edwin Nazir

Production Team

Saad Mahboob
Saad Badar
Areeb Imtiaz
Rauf Imran
Awais Gouher
(PMR Studio Works)

On-Ground Execution:

Arsalan Munawar
Usman Baksh
Sharey Shahbaz
Tammous Taj
(Identity Events)

Editing, Animation and Post Production:

Waqar Akbar
Murtaza Niaz
Faizan Arshad
Waleed Shakir
(PMR Studio Works)

Director of Photography:

Farhan Golden

Assistant Director:

Waqar Akbar

Project Head:

Muhammad Ibrahim

Executive Producer:

Haroon Qureshi

Directed by

Murtaza Niaz

Music Produced by

Xulfi (Xth Harmonic)

Boom Boom - NESCAFÉ Basement

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