Nescafe Basement Season 2 Episode 1 (Review)

Nescafe Basement Season 2

Last week, the much awaited second season of Nescafe Basement finally came out and was released simultaneously on various TV channels and online as well. The timing of the basement is said to be very crucial as it coincides with another already running and highly anticipated music show.

Supervised under the brilliance of the maestro Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi, Nescafe Basement first came up last summer with some mixed reviews from the audiences. But it was mainly the concert tours later on that made this music show much more familiar in the masses.

Being one of those persons who have been covering NB from the very start, it feels really good to see how this show has evolved over the period of one year and now successfully making inroads with season 2.

The first episode featured the covers of some all-time famous tracks ‘Tere Ishq Mein’ (originally by Alan Fakir and Mohammed Ali Shyhaki) and Akhian (originally by Fuzon).

Firstly coming to Akhian, one must say that the lead vocalist Hamza Tanveer did a considerably decent job on vocals. Although it might not seem but it’s a very difficult song to take on specially by a youngster. At basement it’s a beautiful blend of various harmonies that starts with westernized instruments and then gets a solo performance of sitar, violin and tabla in the middle that gives a very eastern touch to the song. From there on it again builds up with some heavy riffs from the lead guitarist making it all very energetic and a unique piece of fused music.

The other song ‘Tere Ishq Mein’ was covered by Rizwan Butt and Asfer Hussain. Asfer has got a call back from the last season. This season, he makes the most of this opportunity right in the first episode and adds another dimension to the soulfulness of this otherwise repeatedly covered song. His Urdu diction and the handling of higher notes is definitely something to watch out for. “In Sitarron se bhi aagay hai jo Jahan, Sab Tere hai nishaan” are perhaps the most spirited lines of the song by the young lad. Meanwhile Rizwan too is at his best with the intro and his alaaps all along the song giving it a very original folkish touch, also not to forget the signature drum beats and groovy guitars that have always been there in the basement.

NESCAFÉ Basement II in Pictures

We also have a couple of backing vocalists in the background along with a set illuminated with red lights that looks pretty much similar to another beverage company’s show that is running around these days, Perhaps one of the reasons that ignited all the comparisons being drawn out between the two.

As far as Nescafe Basement is concerned, Season 2 has certainly made its presence felt with the very first episode featuring young artist that mostly belong to schools and colleges. Their music and melodies have always been a treat to listen and this time around they have worked hard on vocals as well making it a complete package. Also for me it was the element of Rock-Sufi fusion that has done the trick for the boys.

Xulfi and the whole team of NB need to be highly applauded for the way they have brought in the young blood and provided them a platform despite the not-so-encouraging situation of our declining music industry.

The brewing that was done in the basement is certainly making its way on to the ground.

Good luck to you guys & Happy Winters!